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The Porter Del Ray: Waterskiing Santa Returns to Alexandria - The Porter Del Ray Blog

The Porter Del Ray: Waterskiing Santa Returns to Alexandria

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Decorating the tree. Singing holiday songs. Enjoying festive light displays. Your family and friends probably already have some holiday traditions you’d never dream of missing. But do any of them involve watersports? If not, it’s time to add Waterskiing Santa to your annual holiday rotation of events.

The quirky holiday attraction all began as a bet among friends back in the ‘80s. One of them came up with the idea that whoever drew the short straw would have to dress up as Santa and waterski across the waters of the Potomac. Little did they realize that it would become an annual event that would eventually begin to draw a crowd. Now more than 30 years later, the friends carry on the tradition every December 24th along the shores of Old Town Alexandria. Find a spot between Founders Park and Waterfront Park for prime viewing of the waterskiing Saint Nick that afternoon so you can wave as he zooms by. If you have little ones in tow, hang around at Waterfront Park after the show so they can meet Santa and Mrs. Claus (and maybe relay a few last-minute gift requests).

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