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Save Room for the Rose Ice Cream at Kismet Modern Indian - The Porter Del Ray Blog

Save Room for the Rose Ice Cream at Kismet Modern Indian

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Pan-grilled sweet potatoes drizzled with tamarind sauce. Plump tandoor-cooked shrimp embellished with mango salsa. Tender lamb kabobs infused with a special blend of spices. These are a few of the contemporary appetizers that await you at the newly opened Kismet Modern Indian, a fresh endeavor from a chef already well-known for his Indian eatery in D.C.

Share a few of the inventive starters along with freshly baked bread like the garlic naan and the whole-wheat roti. As you nibble on the small plates, gear up for the main course. Options include classics like chicken tikka masala with a freshly crafted tomato sauce and butter paneer with a dash of fenugreek. But the menu also promises some unexpected items, such as the snapper peri-peri. The artfully grilled fish comes dressed in the peri-peri sauce with a side of lemon rice. The lamb ghee roast might surprise your taste buds, too, with its marinade of clarified butter and traditional Indian spices. For the final course, choose a sweet treat like the pistachio kulfi or the rose-flavored ice cream.

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