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Top-Notch Java Awaits at Misha’s Coffee - The Porter Del Ray Blog

Top-Notch Java Awaits at Misha’s Coffee

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Misha’s Coffee serves as a cozy neighborhood oasis where the aroma of roasting java floats through the dining room daily. The team takes coffee very seriously, which is why they carefully source top-quality beans from around the world and transfer them directly into their own in-house roaster when they arrive.

They artfully calibrate the roaster to bring out the best flavors from each bean, depending on its unique properties. When a small batch has completed its roasting journey, the staff then carefully transfers it to one of the large glass jars that line the service counter. There you can pick and choose beans to take home by the whole or half-pound. If you’d prefer to just grab a single cup of coffee and a small bite to eat on your way to work, the talented baristas can whip up just about anything for you on the spot. With sun flooding in through the large front windows and plenty of space to sit down both inside and out on the sidewalk, you might find yourself wanting to stay awhile and really savor each sip of your cup of joe.

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